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Multi-Certification Accelerated

NLP Mastery Practitioner Training 

What is NLP?

Welcome to NLP - The art and science of CHANGE!.


NLP is an advanced form of coaching to bring out the best in people by changing and sharpening their focus towards excellent living. With NLP, we help you to tap the excellence you already have in you but which you have not yet utilised. This can be achieved by learning NLP's most powerful skills and techniques.


This course emphasises on coaching. Therefore, it will be an excellent course for you if you are looking for a course where you can learn how to help yourself as well as others break through challenges and be more successful. Coaching exists in all areas of life, from parenting, business, education, health and fitness and financial management as well as professional coaching practices.


Using the language of your mind coupled with sets of powerful tools and techniques, you can consistently produce specific desired results in your life. In order to achieve that, you would need to first remove yourself from the entrapment of negative habits that will sabotage your goals.Through the use of NLP techniques, you are guided to focus on the thought processes that influence productive behaviours. NLP will provide you with the tools to identify and change patterns in your thoughts so that you can always be in control of your life confidently.


Many people who are interested in our Accelerated NLP Mastery Practitioner Certification Training have a strong desire to reinforce their own beliefs in the effectiveness of NLP and to help others who are searching for better quality of life and future, just like they once were. And they want to do it fast! 

Who is this training designed for?

It is practically for everyone.  


Learning NLP and its associated techniques will allow you to be a dynamic, flexible thinker and communicator who will always have options to choose how you would want to think and lead your life.


Whether you are interested in your own personal development, improving your relationships, taking up a new career in counselling/therapy/coaching, wishing to improve your performance in the workplace or giving yourself the edge in business and/or in school, this course will give you the tools for you apply in your daily life to achieve whatever your goals.


NLP is so functional, effective and comprehensive that it can be used in a range of different settings such as Business, Management, Sales, Therapy, Coaching, Sports, Education, Personal Development, in fact, in any situation, NLP can give you the skills to succeed. The only qualifications that you need to attend this training are an open and enquiring mind with a passion to learn and grow.

What is the course duration?

It will be an 8 day course that is broken down into two or three days per training session. To know more, below is the brief description of the NLP Mastery Practitioner Course.  Visit our NLP website to know more in detail about the course at

8 Days Multi-Certification Accelerated NLP Mastery Practitioner Course

What is this 8 Days Multi-Certification NLP Mastery Practitioner Course about?


This is an accelerated, fast-track NLP course that is specially catered for those who would like to benefit from this course but is only available during the weekends. Attending this accelerated personal development training allows you to discover, learn and utilise techniques easily and effortlessly, enabling you to better manage your career, interpersonal relationships and health.


Is it possible to be certified in 8 days?


Definitely YES! The Fast Track accelerated training format was designed by Dr Tad James who has been at the forefront, leading the development of NLP over the last 30 years. He designed the course using the technology of NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis to enhance the learning experience and allow you to learn quickly, easily and effortlessly. 


What does the 8 days Mastery Practitioner Course compromise of?


Our NLP Mastery Practitioner Course covers 3 areas of certifications that will make a major life transformation that will empower you towards a more positive and powerful person who are capable of creating more wealth and abundance in your life and the lives of others around you, believing in having wonderful health, joyous living, blissful inner feelings and maintaining the positive energy in you. It will also allow you to help others in searching for a better quality life.   Upon satisfactory demonstration of relevant skills and knowledge of NLP, graduates of this 8-days Mastery Practitioner Course will be conferred the following internationally-recognised certifications:

Visit our NLP website to know more in detail about the course at

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