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Are You looking for a highly interactive and comprehensive marriage preparation course? Come join our sister company, PROWISE's


Cinta Abadi Marriage Preparation Course

A ROMM endorsed "Kursus Rumah tangga" 

















    Topics that will be covered in this course:


  •         Why marry?

  •         Goal-setting. Marriage is a journey so start it right!

  •         4Cs of Marriage

  •         Building a collaborative marriage

  •         The 5 Love Languages

  •         Bridging the differences

  •         Marriage Pearls of wisdom from the Prophet (pbuh)

  •         My wedding budget

  •         Money management

  •         Couple Syura time

  •         Family planning

  •         Surviving your in-laws




    In this course, you will learn to:


  • Identify your own VISION and mission for your marriage

  • Apply the elements of self-mastery you will be introduced to for a successful marriage

  • The Psychology of a Beautiful Relationship

  • Understand that a strong and blissful marriage is built on the pillars of love and blessings

  • Understand and acknowledge the changes and adjustments needed in your Values, Knowledge and Behaviour

  • Reflect on how your own/partner's strengths and weaknesses affect the marital relationship

  • Be more equipped to face challenges in your marriage

  • Understand the importance of clear roles and responsibilities

  • Understand the impact of good and poor management of roles, responsibilities and finances

  • Discuss and negotiate roles and responsibilities more amicably

  • Plan budget based on needs and resources

  • Understand the exclusivity and mutuality of sex and intimacy, given the guidelines that Islam provides

  • Discuss important factors to consider in starting a family

  • Discuss ways to strengthen emotional bond with your partner

  • Understand the role of sex and intimacy in the context of family life across the different phases of marriage

  • Fit your in-laws in your marriage

  • Ways to save your marriage if things get too hot to handle

  • Tips on sustaining your marriage.


If you are getting married for the first time and are above 21 years old  and are searching for a marriage preparation course that is engaging, interactive, experiential, fun, consultative, educational, informative and yet NOT PREACHY and NON-JUDGEMENTAL of your religious knowledge...and at the same time will learn how to manage your marriage in accordance with the Islamic teachings, then look no further! 













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Cinta Abadi1

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