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Frequently Asked Questions


 1  Is it a compulsory for me to attend for Marriage Preparation Course?

It is compulsory if either you or your partner is below 21 years old. For those above 21 years old, it is not compulsory but highly recommended.




 2  Is the certificate certified by ROMM?

Yes, our 2 days Cinta Abadi Marriage Preparation Course certificate is approved by ROMM while our 1 day Marriage Preparation Course is certified by Prowise Consultancy.




 3  How can I make my payment?

Payments can be made via internet banking or cheque. 




 4  What is the maximum number of couples intake per session?

We can have maximum up to 10 couples per session as we would like to have a more interactive and fun class.




 5  Is there a refundable if I have made full payment but would like to cancel the course registration?

This will be on case by case basis. 

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